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at risk of offending everyone here, the american generation are honestly full of hate because you want any reason to join the crowd against someone and their mother country. nobody in anyother country said shit like “see this you guys! this proves all americans are bombers and terrorists” when timothy mcveigh DESTROYED the OK City federal building killing 168 AMERICANS, Jared Loughner killed 6 and injured 14 people, nobody said anything about him but that he was insane. But shit when stuff happens here everyone puts that person’s race/religion/etc on blast, just like with Cho at VT lots of people started hating on individuals of Asian descent. In this country to me it seems that if the perpetrator is white or deemed “a model american” or the “average american” then the obvious cause is mental deficiency, but when the perpetrator is an immigrant, or not your “average” american, then their race, religion, and everything goes into question. TL:DR stfu about him being from russia and chechens being terrorist b/c you dont know the whole story, and you shud learn instead of listen. Sorry for the long post , continue with your day. TY

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